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15 Reasons to Buy Victor

15 Reasons to Buy Victor

  1. Universal mixer designed to work with all fuel gases
  2. Low profi le head and in line tubes provide outstanding visibility to the work area
  3. Stainless steel cutting oxygen lever is positioned and contoured for maximum comfort
  4. Ergonomic no-slip handle designed to fit naturally in the hand while reducing stress, allowing more accurate and longer cuts
  5. Control valves made of stainless steel for long life and consistency
  6. Gauges are recessed and bonnet material is over twice the yield strength of brass, offering unrivalled protection from damage
  7. Robust seat design utilizes proprietary materials to give optimum performance
  8. Most consistent pressure and fl ow delivery among single stage competition*
  9. High resistance to oxygen related fi res due to contamination in the work place
  10. SLAMTM knob absorbs impact in the event of a cylinder fal
  11. 12 Step Process and 100% testing results in one of the world’s most consistent nozzles
  12. Highly optimized for all widely used fuel gases
  13. Broad offering giving precise fl ow and preheat fuel capacity to cover numerous applications
  14. Flow passages are smooth and effi cient due to world class manufacturing techniques giving best all around cut quality*
  15. Tapered seat design is more forgiving and safer for the user than other seats more prone to leakage
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