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2015 Welding Institute Awards Recognise Industry Achievements

2015 Welding Institute Awards Recognise Industry Achievements

Over 200 guests from the welding industry and academia attended the Welding Institute’s 2015 Annual Awards and dinner on 30th June at King’s College in Cambridge, recognising major contributions to welding services and engineering technologies.

The Welding Institute (TWI), the leading professional body and renowned research centre for welding and joinery, kicked off the awards with a welcome from its Chief Executive Christoph Wiesner.

Among the prize winners of the night was Dr Jonathan Parker, of the Electric Power Research Institute, who won this year’s Brooker Award, which celebrates an individual’s personal contribution to the advancement in the science and technology of materials joining.

Teresa Waller of Brunei University was presented with the Bevan Braithwaite Award for Enterprise, which recognises an individual’s achievement in encouraging economic growth of the welding industry.

Matt Spinks of TWI was named Technician of the Year, as part of the Armourers and Brasiers’ Company Awards series, which supports education in metals and materials.

This year's Best STEM Ambassador, who works to encourage young people to study and enjoy careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, was Joanna Nicholls of TWI.

Guest speaker and Chief Science and Technology Officer at the National Nuclear Laboratory Professor Andrew Sherry spoke of welding as a common current running through all engineering processes, and praised the significant expansion of welding expertise through intensive research over the last 70 years.

Prof Sherry acknowledged the work of Allan Ramsay Moon, the first Director of Research at the British Welding Research Association, which evolved into the Welding Institute. He said his investigative research in the fields of welding and shipbuilding demonstrated how good theory combined with “business brilliance” could prove to be the answer to modern day engineering challenges.

He credited some of the vital welding developments used in his own work in the nuclear industry, for example in design, materials, and manufacturing, to TWI, citing novel joining techniques that have become key to the integrity of many engineering structures.

"It is these seamless teams, the industry-academia collaborations, which will make this work. The key to it all is in the interface."

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