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YouTube's biggest welding stars

YouTube's biggest welding stars
The internet has changed the way we look at the world, and how we learn. How-to videos are fast becoming the most popular things on the internet and y..

The versatility of welding in multiple industries

The versatility of welding in multiple industries
Projections for the future of the welding industry are optimistic.International publication The Welding Journal surveyed business leaders in a variety..
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Magnesium Alloys and the Future of Automotive Welding

The future of the automotive welding industry could very well be magnesium alloys. Magnesium is the lightest metal there is (it's 4 times lighter than..

Industrial Gases News

Premier Welding are distributors of industrial gases, specifically on behalf of Air Liquide, which is well known in the medical and industrial gases s..

Scotland’s Queensferry Crossing – Another Welding Miracle

The recent news reports on the new bridge over the River Forth in Scotland are a testament once again to some stunning innovations in welding. The Que..

National Welding Month - The Importance Of Raising Awareness Of Careers In Welding

Welding Opportunities During National Welding Month, it is important to raise awareness of Welding to young people, and the opportunities it ca..