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Points of focus for novice welders

Points of focus for novice welders

The UK is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled welders. Numbers enrolling on vocational courses have dropped severely in the last few years, and it's only very recently that this has been recognised. Of course, the first step to fixing this shortfall is to steer budding welders into the career, and onto relevant courses of education. Once this has been achieved, it's then simply a case of maintaining focus in the trade. One major aspect of job adherence is job satisfaction, and the lynchpin of job satisfaction is to have pride in your work.

So, are you a budding welder? Or are you thinking of taking on an apprentice, onto whom you can pass your dying skills? Here are some points of focus that any new welder should have in mind:

Safety first

Welding can be a dangerous career. For some people, this is a draw of the job, and this is fine, as long as all relevant codes of safety are adhered to. Know your welding tools inside out; handling them should become second nature. Never cut corners, always wear all appropriate safety equipment, and never play the fool.


Cleanliness is vital for keeping your work area tidy and safe. A messy work space leads to slips, trips, and other accidents. Cleanliness is also vital for ensuring a good, strong weld.


Keeping yourself as comfortable and cool as possible while working is what can make the difference between a good day on the job, and a nightmare. You will often be working in confined spaces, and without moving far, for long periods of time. Set your area up sensibly, and make sure you're happy and comfortable before starting out. Making small investments in items that can make your life easier will pay off down the line.

Visual inspection

Learn how to properly and effectively visually inspect and scrutinise your work. Proper visual inspection can help you to improve as a welder, as well as saving you spending long hours rectifying shoddy work.

Always look to learn

Go into every day looking to learn new skills. Look at problems and difficult jobs as opportunities to improve as a welder. You will find that you will almost certainly need to put those new skills to good use at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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