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National Welding Month - The Importance Of Raising Awareness Of Careers In Welding

National Welding Month - The Importance Of Raising Awareness Of Careers In Welding

Welding Opportunities 

During National Welding Month, it is important to raise awareness of Welding to young people, and the opportunities it can provide. With the industry facing a skills shortage of 400,000 welders by 2024 (according to Business Insider UK) it is important to discuss the advantages of welding and the career opportunities available.

Without welding many structures like cars and planes wouldn’t be viable. Welding dates back thousands of years. At the end of the 19th century, there was only one process called forge welding, after this the technology advanced quickly, during the 20th century due to weapons needing to be manufactured quickly, cheaply and to the best quality possible.


Although there are many different types of welding from TIG Welding, to MIG Welding to Underwater welding, all are as important as each other.

According to travelling industrial pipe welders can earn anything from $50000 to $185000 per year. Underwater welders earn from $100000 to $ 200000, and military support welder’s salary can start from $160000 and rise to over $200000 per year when working in the Middle East.

In welding, a career is almost guaranteed even if the industry you are working in collapses. If you start in the automotive industry and it collapses, but the aviation or weapons industry is booming you can always switch industries, without having to switch careers.

What Is Welding?

The problem that young people face, is that they aren’t even aware of Welding, and don't  really know what it is. So, if you are a student or someone looking for a new career, and thinking, what is welding? Welding is the joining together of materials, usually metals or thermoplastics.

During National Welding Month, it is a great idea to raise awareness of the Welding industry - Let us know what you have been doing! 

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