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New Website!

New Website!

You may have noticed our website has undergone a transformation over the past couple of months. As you can see, the result is a professional, slick and easy-to-navigate site with all of the information you could need about welding equipment, procedures and the products and services we offer.

If you’re reading this, you’ll also know we’ve got a brand new blog/news section which will be updated regularly with both industry and company news, so keep checking back here to stay in the know.

As well as that, you can read about the history of Premier Welding Services and the services we offer, create your own account, and purchase products within the ecommerce categories. We have a wide variety of stock so if you are looking for welding machines such as MIG and TIG, hand tools and power tools, or welding safety equipment, we have it covered. We stock products from the leading brands in our industry such as Lincoln, Miller, Kemper, Weldas and Hypertherm to name just a few.

So, welcome to the site, take a look around and if you think we can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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