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Simplified Welding Technology: Why You Need It

Simplified Welding Technology: Why You Need It

The world is changing each day and so does the welding industry. Globally, the markets are more competitive than ever and are demanding high-quality welding products in the shortest time possible. Therefore the welding companies have to step up and meet these demands by adapting the new technologies.

Currently, the industries are replacing the heavy, analogue machines which had dial-in knobs with fast, more powerful digitalised machines. Thanks to the simplified interface features and automated parameters that are now easy to adjust. More operations have been made much easier.

Before we define what simplified technology is, let's look at why the welding industry needs to adapt and integrate these new trends in their work

Why Companies Need To Adapt To The Trends In Technology

A change is always accompanied by uncertainty, but nevertheless, there are many benefits that also come with it. There are many reasons as to why an industry should move with the trend but we shall only point out a few. Advancement in technology will help the welding company to

• To solve the current skilled welder shortages
• To improve production
• To have a power source that delivers greater usage and also has improved arc control
• To produce high-quality welds and reduce errors So, how have the current advancements achieved the above important aspects? Let’s explore that.

How Trends In Technology Have Addressed Challenges Facing Welding Industries

The first challenge addressed is the shortage of experienced workers retiring from the welding industry. These workers are being replaced by a young generation that is not conversant with the analogue welding systems. Therefore there is a level of expectation set by these generations as they look to find industries with more reflective of the technology that they are conversant with such as smartphones. Industries or fabricating shops offering this attract more young welders.

As mentioned earlier there is a push for increased productivity due to the increasing competition to use minimal resources and costs and maintain or increase the output. More industries are alternative energy efficient machines such as the Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW-P) that are able to switch from high peak voltage to a low voltage of around 30 to 400 times in the background. The GMAW-P, as opposed to the traditional welders, is capable of producing low heat input in the background that ensures no metal transfer can occur. It does not also require post-weld clean up. The above action shows that you have used a simplified welding technology. Therefore what does simplified welding technology mean? Let us take a quick look.

Defining Simplified Welding Technology

Simplified welding technology is defined as the application of the above-advanced technology in the welding industry and with an intention of improving productivity and quality. Therefore, it can be said that modern technology has simplified work related to welding compared to the older technology. But how has the modern technology simplified work in the welding industry?

How Technology Has Simplified Welding Related Work

The setting up of machines have become simplified because much of the modern equipment is now preassemble before it is used. Before this technology, the manufacturers would provide all the equipment together with the necessary accessories for assembling before welding. Such accessory includes a power source, gas flow regulator, weld, GMAW gun, and the control cables.

Interfacing with the machine has been made much better and has been designed to allow for an easy setup. A welder can now feed the information on the thickness of the welding material into the machine. The machine in turn automatically sets up all the other parameters and in case adjustments are made the same applies to all the others. The communication speeds have greatly improved with the introduction of new technology. For instance, the pulse welder is currently more reliable due to the introduction of a technology that allows an individual to connect a wire feeder and the source of power. Traditionally the feeder and the welder communications were very slow and limited.

Manufacturer’s Usage Of Thin Materials And Simplified Technology

The manufacturing companies are currently working using more thin materials than before. Therefore, it becomes imperative for more companies to use advanced processes such as pulsed welding. These processes are capable of minimising burn through and warping because no heat is introduced.

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