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New General Manager

New General Manager

The fantastic growth of Premier Welding Services over recent years has led to the company appointing a new general manager, Simon McNamara.

Owners and directors, Andy, Anthony and Paul have been immersed in looking after all aspects of the business since the very beginning, so the arrival of Simon has allowed them to become a lot more business focused. With less overall responsibility, Andy and Paul’s main priority is now you, the customer and employing Simon means they are now readily available to go out and meet clients when needed, while the Premier Welding Services base in Sheffield is running as smoothly as it always has done.

Simon will oversee and look after the day to day running of the company, the drivers, organising the buying of stock and plenty of other duties integral to the business. He’s a very welcome, much-needed addition to the team and we’re looking forward to working with him!

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