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Industrial welding advancement: setting out on your own

Industrial welding advancement: setting out on your own

Are you an adept welder and ever wondered about starting out on your own within the industry? The idea may not be as far-fetched you would expect. In the UK the average entrepreneur is approximately 36 years old working within, or closely associated to the construction industry. However, whatever age you want to start out, the welding industry provides good opportunities for entrepreneurs, or those who want to start out by themselves, due to the transferable skills learnt over the years and drive to get this going. Welding provides a large variety of industrial options including things from straight construction, to outdoor furniture manufacture.

Welding in The Construction Industry

Getting started in this line of industry definitely requires vision and a sense of foresight considering the path you choose. Property and construction development can be big business considering the large amount of renovation and gentrification of older less developed communities. The housing market needs to tailor better to first time buyers, so opportunities to get involved can provide big dividends in the future. Not only does this build your portfolio of jobs you have completed, but also seeks to improve the local region, encouraging ongoing renewal of housing stock within the region. This type of networking can quickly get you name and business around as an independent trader, which renovators are increasingly preferring as contracts with companies are somewhat mistrusted. Of course, this line of work will involve a variety of trade skills needing to be learnt alongside if you go it alone. More information can be found at:

Welding in Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicle manufacture or personalisation is also a lucrative option for skilled welders. If ever an industry has embodied modern manufacturing on a large scale, it is this sector of industry. From the early Industrial Revolution onward, the vehicle manufacturing industry has always been at the forefront of change and diversity. Recently there are larger consumer demands for ever more personalisation in vehicles that they own. As a result of this, entrepreneurs with welding skills offer services to improve designs and add personal options to cars at a lower cost than mainstream manufacturers. But even still, manufacturers require humans rather than robots for the nitty gritty jobs people seek out. Mass customisation is becoming increasingly affordable for small businesses, providing entrepreneurs in the industry to set up shop. An example is Digital Forming's customisation platform, allowing potential manufacturers to introduce customisation and personalisation to any product. By empowering customers to express their individuality and authenticity through an intelligent interface, assembly line augmentations can be made tailored to a vehicle of their choosing. Find out more at:

Art and Design Welding

For those with a more creative streak, delving into welding design work provides the opportunity to provide unique pieces and installations which can sell for £1000's, despite the low cost of quality of scrap materials. An American artist named John Lopez from South Dakota creates stunning artworks using scrap and recycled material including iconic cultural pieces ranging from metallic horses with riders to giant buffaloes. Having experience as a bronze sculptor, welding came as a natural added skill to his repertoire. When asked Lopez said it was simple; “I just start grabbin’ stuff from the pile and welding it in and if you weld enough of the same thing on over and over it creates this really cool texture that I’ve never seen in these kinds of pieces before. And I think that’s what draws people in.” These types of work can start small and get bigger and a manageable pace, depending on the ambition of the welder. This allows aspiring artists to create pieces tailored to their interests, or commissions from interested buyers. More detail can be found about John's work at:

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