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Top Tips for Safer Welding

Top Tips for Safer Welding

When carried out with adequate care and skill, welding is an extremely safe job, but it definitely carries large risks. On the whole, if you're properly qualified and have good welding tools, you have little to worry about, unless you are an underwater welder, which happens to be one of the most dangerous professions in the world.

Here are some top tips to remain safe in the workplace:

Wear correct clothing

Don't be tempted to bear flesh, even in the most fierce of heats. Remain covered up, and with the proper safety gear. Invest in some breathable welding gear to help you stay cool and keep all clothing securely fastened.

Know your equipment

Always read the manual when you are using new equipment. Make sure you know your machine inside out. Ensure that all relevant information is available to all users at all times.

Wear good boots

Leather boots are best. Don't be tempted to wear trainers or other cotton and highly flammable footwear. You know why!

Protect your eyes

Ensure that you use the correct helmet, fitted with a good, adequate filter. Make sure your helmet isn't damaged in any way. Auto-darkening helmets are an excellent addition to your kit. They remove the need to continually lift your helmet, and they take away the temptation to weld without your helmet down. We also have a good selection of eye safety equipment to help you.

Ventilate adequately

Try to keep your work area well ventilated. If you are welding in a confined space, use an exhaust hood. Always ensure that you know exactly what materials you are using, as some require respirators. Toxic fumes can permanently damage your airways and other parts of your body, so don't risk it.

Watch out for repetitive strain injuries

Welding is generally a very repetitive job, and can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Bear this in mind and try to alter your actions slightly, especially concerning your grip. If you are ambidextrous, make use of this skill. Auto-darkening helmets can help prevent repetitive strain injuries to the neck, as you don't have to keep jerking your hood down.

Remember to never get complacent, and stay safe in the workplace.

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