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Why be a Welder?

Why be a Welder?

Whether you've just left school and are considering your options or you're a bit older and looking for a change of career, welding could be just the avenue you're looking for. It's a fun and hands-on job which really helps you to feel like you've accomplished something at the end of the day; but more than that, it's also lucrative.

Trades are in high demand at the moment and welding services even more so, meaning that with a certificate and a few years of experience under your belt, you could be looking at a pay packet that's much higher than some of your peers'.

It's also a job which allows for travel - welding services are in demand all over the world, and you don't need to speak the language fluently to do a good job. You can take your skills any place in the world you fancy living, and you're very likely to be able to find work and bag a visa.

For the most lucrative work, a good place to start is on oil rigs, where welders are an important part of any team. The pay is higher because the danger is greater, but you'll also get plenty of time off and most people enjoy the close knit community that develops on a rig.

You'll also find that there's a staggering variety of work available for you; welding services are needed in the shipbuilding industry, in military support jobs and in pipe line installation.

Perhaps one of the most enviable welding jobs is with a race car team, most of whom will travel with a welder. Because racing cars are custom made, there's plenty of welding work to be done, and you will be able to travel wherever the team does if you pick a job like this one.

Where else is it possible to earn salaries similar to those of doctors and lawyers just by taking a short course to become certified and then throwing yourself wholeheartedly into gaining industry experience?

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