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  • Lincoln Power Wave® S500 - K3168-1

Lincoln Power Wave® S500 - K3168-1

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Top Features of the Power Wave® S500 K3168-1

  • Unlimited set of Standard, Pulse and advanced Arc


    • , with optional the addition of STT® and Rapid X, more than 100 weld modes inside Stick and TIG DC.
    • Free software updates, to upgrade each Power Wave® with the latest arc programs at any time. NO difference between the upgraded machine and a new one.
    • Ethernet as standard : Free software, like Power Wave Manager and Check Point or Production Monitoring for a single machine or multiple in a network.

    Input Power

    • 230/400/3/50-60


    • Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored

    Outstanding Operation, Modular Configuration

    The Powerwave S350 and S500 are part of a new modular concept from Lincoln Electric; designed to offer a multitude of different set-up configurations, these machines can be tailored easily yet precisely to your welding application. The more powerful Power Wave S700 supports high deposition welding also available in a Tandem MIG system. The new platforms all communicate via Arclink allowing seamless connection with all of Lincoln’s digital Feeders from the PF4X to PF84. All Power Waves® come complete with an Ethernet connection. You can get access to the machine by using this connection and our free software. Updates are free of charge; our website

  • contains the latest version of software including weld modes.

    • Superb arc welding characteristics in Pulse, Pulse on-Pulse®, CV, Stick and TIG DC
    • A variety of materials are supported as standard; Steel, Stainless, Aluminium but also High Nickel and CuSi
    • RapidArc® for a higher travel speed and less Heat Input with steel and Stainless.
    • CheckPoint™ and Production Monitoring™ 2.2 – Use your server or our cloud-based server to view and analyze your welding data on almost any device – desktop, laptop, iPhone® or iPad®, Blackberry® and others. Track equipment usage, store weld data, configure fault limits and more. Read More
    • Standard Ethernet - Allows for effortless software upgrades through
    • .

    Free software upgrades available:

    Learn How to Use the "Weld Mode Search" Feature

    Input Power

    • 230/400/3/50-60

    Rated Output

    • 500A/39V@60%
    • 450A/36.5V@100%

    Input Current

    • 90/60A

    Output Range

    • 5-550A DC

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    571 mm x 355 mm x 630 mm

    Net Weight

    • 68 kg

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